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Denim at Work

Denim was invented for workwear 120 years ago, and it is still the best fabric for work wear when staff need to be comfortable, protected and easily identified.

All our aprons are suitable for both men and women and feature adjustable neck straps for the perfect fit. As aprons are often worn for long periods of time, it is essential that they fit well.

Bear Brothers supply aprons to cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, barbers, food trucks and garden centres where quality and durability are essential.

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Uniforms Matter

All too often businesses pay meticulous attention to the design of the interior, lighting, furniture, crockery, and the uniforms are often last priority, a bit of an afterthought.

Yet uniforms often create the first impression. They should make your customers feel welcome and assured of high standards, and your staff feel comfortable and happy at work.

Uniforms also present a great branding opportunity. If you would like your company logo on your aprons, we can get that done for you. The weight of our denim is perfect for logo printing and embroidery.

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Order Enquiry

Introduce your hospitality business to us using the link below, and we will be happy to discuss discounts for bulk orders.

We look forward to working with you!